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Student Service

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Student Complaints

Voice your Complaints in Confidence 

Alberta Educational Centre views complaints as a way to improve and learn as an institution. As such, we take all complaints seriously and ensure that they are handled professionally and resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved. 

Research the Policies. 

Check if your concern is addressed in the college’s student rules and policies.

As a college we are required to provide our rules and policies to our students.

Check your contract

Look at the student enrolment contract to see if it addresses the issue you are having.

Submit your complaint 

You must provide basic contact information including name, ID number, and phone number. (Anonymous complaints will not be addressed).

If the matter constitutes a violation of the school’s policy, proper action will be taken about your complaint.

Talk to your Compliance Officer 

A member of our Compliance Team will contact you within 72 hours (about 3 days) upon submitting your complaint.

If not resolved during the first meeting, the Compliance Officer may send the issue to the Operations Director for further review.

Compliant Decision 

After careful consideration, the Compliance Officer will provide a written decision to the student.

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