International Students

Your academic career has now begun at the Alberta Education Centre and this experience will be transformative.  

Whether you are in the IT program or the Office Administration program, you will encounter a dynamic field, full of open problems and opportunities for creative thinking. This is why our program is designed with leading edge teaching and learning methods that will help you mature, grow and challenge you to evolve. 

From the admissions process right through to our employment support after graduation, we will prepare you to be and to do anything that you desire. At the Centre, we strive to support you in every step that you take. It is this dedication to your education that give our graduates the competitive edge in the workplace and ensures success.  

Once you begin your studies, you will become aware of how our learning process will stimulate your mind. As a result, you will build an impressive skill set in your area of study and gain the interpersonal expertise that will mirror what you will find in the workplace, help you stand out from other applicants and make you successful. When you complete your program, you will be ready to begin your career.  

 As we welcome you into AEC, please accept our most sincere congratulations. This is only the beginning, and we cannot wait to see the unique journey you will follow and the work you will be proud to create.  

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The Cybersecurity Specialist diploma program is designed for students wishing to play a critical role in cyber security and privacy, implementing and supporting, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting network assets such as servers, firewalls, switches, and other network equipment, with a strong emphasis on maintaining Cyber-security.

This Cloud Engineering course begins with an introduction to the core concept of computing and networking in transition to cloud computing in Microsoft Azure and AWS. Students will gain the foundational knowledge required for understanding cloud computing from a business perspective. 

Medical Office Administrator Diploma Program created by Alberta Educational Centre will prepare students for a professional administrative career in a medical office by equipping them with all the necessary knowledge and computer skills. Graduates of the diploma program will be exposed to in-depth training on organizing work processes in a medical office, administering basic medical office tests and processing medical billing.