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How to get CERTIFIED?

The Alberta Educational Centre is a Certiport Authorized Testing Centre that offers you a welcoming, efficient, and reliable exam writing experience.

Through the Certiport Exams from Home model, Alberta Educational Centre utilizes a secure remote testing system. This model allows exams to be taken by students from the comfort of their own home.

Testing Candidates do not need to download any software if they wish to take an exam through our school. You will only need high speed internet and basic computer requirements.

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Voucher + Proctoring

Cost: $195

Voucher + Exam Retake + Proctoring

Cost: $225


Cost: $85

Step 1: Fill out the contact form below and we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. We suggest you schedule your exam at least 15 business days before your desired exam date as spots are limited.

Full Legal Name
Exam Name
Phone Number
List 3 Desired Exam Date and Time
1st Date & time
2nd Date & time
3rd Date & time

Step 2: Once we have received your inquiry, we will respond either confirming or rejecting the exam, date, and time.

Step 3: If your request is confirmed, an invoice will be sent to your email where you will provide payment and confirm the order.

Step 4: After your payment has been confirmed and verified, a proctoring agent from our school will send you a confirmation email with the official launch link that will be used on your exam date.

Note: Are you acting on behalf of an institution or scheduling more than 3 individual packages? Please contact us directly to make exam writing arrangements.

If you have not already, you must create a Certiport profile at Make sure to
either save or write down your username and password so it is ready on exam day.

Run a speed test in the location you plan to write your exam to ensure that your internet speed meets the minimum requirement to complete your exam. We recommend a minimum internet speed of 13 Mbps for download and 2.5 Mpbs for upload.

On the exam day, your proctoring agent will begin the video call 15 minutes prior to the scheduled exam. Students must also sign on 15 minutes prior as the proctoring agent will use this time to verify your identity, go over the testing process, and give you time to ask any questions you may have.

All standard exams are between 45-60 minutes.

If the Testing Candidate arrives later than 30 minutes to their scheduled session, they will be locked out and need to reschedule their exam. Unused vouchers can be reused for the next schedule exam, but the proctoring service fee will not carry over or be refunded.

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