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About This Course

The digital world is transforming at an incredible pace. Whether you’re looking for a new career or just want to excel in your current role, our Digital Office curriculum will give you the foundational skills necessary to succeed! 

Our Digital Office curriculum will equip you with the knowledge to masterfully navigate all Microsoft Office suite programs & applications that can be applied to a wide variety of industries. Guarantee yourself the advantage over your competition.

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Salaries & Wages

Avg. Wage $21-$23/h

Course Breakdown

1. Components of the computer
2. Using Internet
3. Connecting Devices to Network
4. Keyboarding
5. Practice Exam

1. The Information Age
2. The Internet and Social Media
3. Digital Communication
4. Online Safety and Security
5. Evaluating Online Information
6. Practice Exam

1. Computer Hardware
2. System Software
3. File Management
4. Application Software, Networking and User Accounts
5. Databases
6. Computer Programming
7. Information Systems
8. Practice Exam

LESSON 1 Common Office Features
1. Getting Started with Office
2. Customizing Views and Options
3. Printing Files
4. Navigating Files
5. Working with Objects
6. Practice Exam

LESSON 2 Microsoft Word
1. Introduction to Word
2. Creating Documents and Using the Clipboard
3. Modifying Fonts
4. Formatting
5. Paragraphs
6. Formatting Pages
7. Editing Documents
8. Inserting Illustrations and Other Elements
9. Creating and Formatting Tables
10. Using Themes, Styles, and Templates
11. Managing References
12. Managing Headers, Footers, and Sections
13. Using Office Collaboration Features
14. Using Macros
15. Practice Exam

LESSON 3 Microsoft Excel
1. Introduction to Excel;
2. Creating and Managing Workbooks;
3. Organizing and Entering Data;
4. Changing Properties and Printing Worksheets;
5. Formatting Cells;
6. Entering Simple Formulas;
7. Using Advanced Functions;
8. Displaying Data in Charts;
9. Organizing Data in Tables;
10. Summarizing Complex Data;
11. Practice Exam;

LESSON 4 Microsoft PowerPoint
1. Introduction to PowerPoint
2. Creating and Managing Presentations
3. Formatting Textual Content
4. Designing Slides
5. Using the Slide Master
6. Formatting SmartArt and Shapes
7. Formatting Tables and Charts
8. Formatting Pictures and Other Media
9. Applying Animations and Transitions
10. Delivering Presentations
11. Practice Exam

LESSON 5 Microsoft Access
1. Introduction to Access
2. Managing Databases
3. Designing and Creating Tables
4. Using Simple Queries
5. Creating Forms
6. Creating Report
7. Surveying Advanced Access Features
8. Practice Exam

LESSON 6 Microsoft Outlook
1. Introduction to Outlook
2. Sending and Receiving Messages
3. Managing Messages
4. Working with the Calendar
5. Managing Contacts and Groups
6. Practice Exam

Microsoft Certification Exam

1. Balance sheet
2. Income and cash flow statements
3. Double-entry bookkeeping
4. Journalizing skills and posting to ledgers
5. Completing trial balances and preparing financial statements

1. Introduction to Keyboarding
2. Hand positioning and posture. Track your
3. Speed and accuracy
4. Keyboard exercises

1. Introduction to Telephone Communication Skills
2. How the Communications Process Works
3. Knowing and Adapting Your Personal Communications Style
4. Active Listening Skills
5. Your Speaking Voice
6. Increasing Your Telephone Professionalism
7. Dealing with Difficult Situations and Customers
8. A Different Communication Tool Bibliography

The effective workplace skills are one of the greatest assets for new graduates or people who decided to change their career path. The technical knowledge and skills obtained throughout this course is
important for future employment, but the ability to transition the knowledge into a new working
environment is invaluable.

Within this portion of the Digital Office course, our Career Services Team will facilitate the workshops that will prepare for successful participation in the job search and help students to increase confidence in communications with potential employers, succeed in marketing their skill set and land the job.

Through scheduled individual and group sessions with Career Services students will have an opportunity to share their job-seeking experiences with their peers and gain valuable insights from others. Our Employment Specialists will be accessible to provide continuous support and guidance towards achieving short and long-term employment goals.

Our Career Services Team will consist of seasoned Career Practitioners who will help with the following tasks during the course:

  • Build professional branding from creating a dynamic resume to stand-out LinkedIn profile and powerful cover letters, as well as writing professional thank-you notes
  • Develop strategies in job search to obtain an interview
  • Educate about interview process
  • Advise on negotiating offers of employment

1. Labor Market Information
2. Employers’ expectations
3. Self-marketing
4. Hard and Soft Skills

1. Resume writing
2. Resume formats
3. Resume as a Marketing Tool
4. Applicant Tracking Systems

1. Organizing and Conducting Your Job Search
2. The Hidden Job Market; Research

1. Effective Communication Skills
2. Employment Letter
3. Elevator Pitch
4. Job Interview Types
5. Preparation for Job interview

1. Job Interview Practice
2. Elevator Pitch Practice
3. Resume Review
4. Career Management
5. Job Overview
6. Q & A

The Curriculum

Start Date

First Monday of each Month


18 Weeks

Program Delivery

Any-time Online
Real-Time Online

Tuition & Fees

  • Domestic : CAD $12,983
  • International : CAD $33,220
  • Estimated Books Cost : CAD $2775
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