PC Technician – 18 Weeks Full Time

    IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ & Workplace Skills

    Over a 18-week period, our “PC Technician” course will prepare you for the digital world by exploring the hardware/software landscapes of computer systems. Graduates will develop abilities around foundational Windows system controls such as File Explorer, utility programs, web browsers, security measures and general social media navigation.

    This course is designed to prepare you to pass the TestOut PC Pro, CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications. These certifications measure not just what you know, but what you can do. It measures your ability to install, manage, repair, and troubleshoot PC hardware and Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

    Workplace Skills There is no greater asset than effective workplace abilities. Even with all the technical knowledge in the world, being able to transition these abilities into your new working environment is invaluable. Within this portion of the “PC Technician” course, our Career Services Team will facilitate workshops that will expand your confidence in term of both finding and excelling in the role of your dreams.

    Tuition and Financial Aid

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    At Alberta Educational Centre, we’re committed to making our programs affordable and accessible to students from all walks of life. We’re proud to say our certificate programs are among the most economical in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

    We make it easy to support your education. When you sign up for one of our programs, our Admissions Advisors will work with you to develop a financing plan that fits your budget. Our team considers a variety of financial aid solutions and helps walk you through the application processes. We can even help you uncover financial aid options for which you didn’t even realize you qualified!

    Our team of Admissions Advisers keep up to date with the latest scholarship, grants and funding options available to students in Alberta. Our goal is to ensure you have all the support you need to pay for your tuition and textbooks, as well as general living expenses during your studies.

    AEC certificate programs are accredited by the Government of Alberta, and eligible for Alberta Student Aid funding. The type and amount of financial assistance provided by this program vary based on the AEC program you’re enrolled in, your personal circumstances, and other unique factors. Our admissions team has experience working with the Government of Alberta to ensure our students obtain the financial aid they need for their education. For more information about Alberta Student Aid, please contact one of our Admissions Advisors.