Network Technician (Network +)

    Duration: 6 Weeks

    Price: $979*

    For those seeking a part-time training schedule, our 6 Week Network Technician will prepare you with critical knowledge around Network administration.

    This course prepares you for Network support jobs and related Network certifications such as CompTIA Network + N10-007 Certification exam. Saying that it is very important you understand that certification is critical for a career in the IT industry. Certification is so important that it gives potential employers information they need when making hiring decisions and gives you a critical boost during the application and interview process. You will begin to learn from Introducing in Networking and how to identify network cable and connector types, identifying the different networking standards common in computer networks today, selecting and installing the appropriate network interface cards for a particular network, and managing static and dynamic IP addressing and network protocols. Then you will move into more advanced concepts of Enterprise Network, network segmentation and virtualization, and how to configure network security, manage network traffic, configure cloud computing, and remote access to a network.

    * Certification exam fee not included