IT Professional – 18 Weeks Full Time

    IT Fundamentals, A+, MTA-Network, Operating System, Security & Workplace Skills

    For those seeking a Full-time training schedule, our 18-Week “I.T. Professional” certification provides professionals with critical knowledge around IT services.

    Windows Operating System Fundamentals Designed to provide professionals with critical knowledge around operating system configuration and administration concepts. This certification will enable expertise in Windows System Management.

    Networking Fundamentals If you are looking to possess essential knowledge of networking fundamentals, the “I.T. Professional” designation will also provide in-depth exploration of DNS, TCP/IP, names resolution processes and network protocols/topologies.

    Security Fundamentals At the forefront of success in the digital fields, our “I.T. Professional” training will ensure you are exceptionally well-qualified in areas relating to security. You will acquire expertise relating to anti-malware products/services, firewalls, as well as network devices/ports.

    Workplace Skills

    There is no greater asset than effective workplace abilities. Even with all the technical knowledge in the world, being able to transition these abilities into your new working environment is invaluable. Within this portion of the “IT Professional” course, our Career Services Team will facilitate workshops that will expand your confidence in term of both finding and excelling in the role of your dreams.

    You will develop strategies that will allow you to turn a phone call into an interview, excel during the interview process, and negotiate offers of employment. Additionally, you will acquire the tools you will need to market yourself within competitive employment landscapes. Through the use of a dynamic resume, stand-out business cards, professional thank-you notes, and powerful cover letters – you will present yourself exceptionally to hiring agents and committees.

    Through scheduled individual and group sessions with Career Services, you will have the opportunity to share your job-seeking experiences with your peers and gain insights from others. Our Employment Specialists are always accessible in order to provide continuous encouragement, and to guide you towards your short and long-term employment aspirations.